Style & Value

Our candid style will always be classic & timeless. Real moments and expressions never go out of style. We believe that investing in something you love less often is more valuable than paying for cheap mediocre quality work on a regular basis.

Limited Bookings

We take on a limit of twelve families each year. What this means for our clients is that we avoid burnout from shooting the same thing over and over and can enjoy each family and give our clients the best experience possible. We do photograph other things too like newborns, weddings and events.


Our packages are all-inclusive. You need not worry about any hidden costs. Our packages outline exactly what's included. Files are always included in every package and will always be provided in the full resolution format that my camera captures.


We have invested a lot in our equipment and know this makes a difference in our end result. This is especially important when capturing children who move quickly. Lower quality cameras and lenses can make it much harder to freeze moments consistently.


I have been in business since 2010 and have learned much along the way. I am also a mother and understand not only what it's like to work with children but I also have a better idea of what type of images will have meaning to you. 

Backup Processes

Our system for backing up photos helps to minimize the risk of image loss. We backup as we shoot onto a second disk slot. If a card is lost or corrupt we have a copy of these images. Once we download your images onto external hard-drives, they are saved onto two different drives plus we do not delete our memory cards until your images are delivered. We've had our share of problems over the last seven years and we know these problems are inevitable. Ultimately the solution to avoiding image loss is to have a proper plan in place.