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what to wear to your photo session

May 5, 2017

Once you book your session with us, be sure to give yourself enough time to plan ahead for your outfits. Giving yourself time to plan will #1 avoid stress #2 avoid you feeling disappointed in the final result of your images because you don't like the outfits your chose #3 help you feel confident on the day of your session.



Here are my top 10 tips to help you plan...


1. Avoid pure white or pure black pieces (when texture or layering is involved it can work). Pure black and white can compete for attention. We want the images to flow nicely so that when you look at a picture your eye isn't being instantly pulled to your clothes.


2. Avoid pieces with pictures or words on them. This can be tricky with kids clothes! Again, the idea is not to have distracting things on your clothes that demand attention.


3. Do choose textures and patterns.


4. Avoid really bold colours that compete for attention. Softer colours tend to looks best and create a better flow. Bright red is a really good example of a colour that screams for your attention. But it can be any colour that is bright and takes up a lot of space - blue, green, pink, yellow, etc.


5. Choose to compliment your family instead of matching them. The traditional studio look typically involves everyone dressing in the same colour shirt and blue jeans. This works in a studio environment but for lifestyle photography we want everything looking as natural as possible and that includes outfits that don't look like they were chosen to match.


6. Make sure you feel comfortable in your outfits. You will be active and playful. This doesn't mean you can't wear a dress but do choose one that doesn't restrict your movement.


7. Change it up! If you have two different looks that you want to capture, bring an extra set of outfits to change into. You might want both  a casual and formal look. Do keep in mind your kids. If they hate to change clothes and it's going to cause them to get frustrated and moody, we might choose to skip the outfit changes as mood and expressions are more important.


8. Choose classic and timeless pieces. To avoid thinking "what was I thinking" 20 years from now, choose outfits that aren't the current fashion trend today and possibly not tomorrow.


9. Consider the season. Choose pieces that go with the season.


10. Choose appropriate coverage. We moms can be very self conscious about how we look. Arms tend to be an issue for many women. If this is something you tend to worry about, choose shirts that cover your arms and avoid tanktops if possible.

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