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how we choose a location for your session

May 5, 2017

There are a lot of things that go into choosing the best location for your family photo session. Here are just a few things that we consider...


1. Safety. First and foremost we want to choose a location that feels safe and is not near any roads or highways that a wandering child can reach.


2. Your personality. We will ask you for your input. We want to know what type of location suits your family. Do you prefer to stay close to your home? We've done many sessions where we start and end at the house and walk to a nearby area of interest (nature paths, parks, etc). Do you love only nature? Do you want a more modern look with clean lines and an urban feel?


3. Meaning. Does your family have some special places you frequent that could add more meaning to your images?


4. Adventure. Would you like your session to be based around a family adventure? Do you have a special idea that could make for not only great candid moments but add some meaning and story-telling to your session? Maybe you have family traditions that are special to you or you'd like to start a new family tradition.


5. Space. A good location will ideally have enough space for us to wander about. It will give us different areas to shoot in to provide some variety to your images.


6. Natural. We prefer to shoot in natural areas over parks that have been groomed by the City. Natural growing grass always looks better in pictures.


7. Special requests. Sometimes I will have my clients request something very specific that will decide where we go. For example, a silhouette requires that our location have a hill or clean background like a field. Cherry blossoms are a popular request and have to be done in the Spring while the trees are in bloom. Sunset photos also require a certain location where we can shoot westwards where the sun comes down. Please be sure to let us know if you have something specific in mind so we can plan for this.

This family loves to picnic so we created this shot to capture that tradition.

 This family wanted to incorporate their neighborhood park.

 This family chose a more modern location while adding meaning to their session (reading & the library).

 These kiddos enjoyed a favourite treat on their front porch to end our session.

 We ventured to the farm that this boy visits daily for his dayhome.

 In the backyard with some of his favourite things.

 In the front yard, playing hockey with dad.

Adventuring at the golf course. 

 This family lives downtown and we wanted to capture that feel with the city scape in the background.

 It's rare to find places like this in Edmonton but they do exist! Rocks and water always makes for a fun session.

 Parks with interesting features like this old blue bridge.

 Artistic backdrops.

 Cherry blossoms.

 Nature paths.

 Near water.

 Silhouette in a field.


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