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for mom: 10 ways to look better in your family pictures

May 5, 2017

We all want to look our best in pictures. Especially when we are investing in a professional photographer.


I want my moms to feel present in their session and connect with their family without thinking too much about whether they look good. Focusing too much on your best angles can at times take away the natural feel we really want to achieve.


In saying that, here are 10  tips for mom that you can hopefully incorporate without too much effort while still staying connected with your family and being yourself.

1. ANGLE YOUR BODY. If you want to look more slender, angle your body towards the camera (as opposed to facing the camera straight on) so your shoulder is pointing towards the camera.

 2. LET YOUR HAIR GO. Natural hair tends to look better in pictures and creates movement in images that adds to the natural feel we are going for.

3.  STICK OUT YOUR NECK. Elongating your neck by making your neck longer and bringing it forward slightly will make you look longer and get rid of any unwanted double chins;) Sometimes just straightening your posture is enough to achieve this.

4. BE PLAYFUL. Being in front of a camera is awkward and sometimes it's so strange that we forget to just be ourselves. Don't hold back. Play and laugh with your kids. Do whatever it takes to make them laugh and make the photo session feel fun.

5. TOUCH UP WHEN NEEDED. Bring your lipstick/chapstick and some oil-blotting cloths to keep your face looking fresh. Playing with kids can make you sweat!

6. DETERMINE YOUR BEST LOOK. Do you have a more flattering side? Do you look best when you smile a certain way? Look back through pictures and spot the pattern. Now try to replicate this where it make sense.

 7. INSTANT TUMMY TUCK. Hide your tummy by placing your kids in your lap or in front of you. Laying down on your tummy and interacting with your kids that way is another great look that takes the focus off of your body and places it on your face.


8. MOVE YOUR EYES AROUND. I try to direct my clients to look at me and in different directions as I snap away. If you can do this on your own, without me having to remind you, we will get a good variety of images where we have both eye contact with the camera and with your family.

 9. CROSS YOUR LEGS. When we are taking walking shots, crossing your legs (one in front of the other) can create a more feminine and slendering look.

 10. DRESS FOR SUCCESS. Certain outfits will look better in photos. Read our blog post about What to Wear.


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